May, seasonally, is a time of new beginnings. On 2018, the 1st of May, the Board of Directors met to revive Strategic Global Investments, Inc. They had worn the skull and crossbones for much too long. Having sent in the answers to the SEC questions, it was time to let others know how well STBV is doing. Many of the shareholders assumed the pirates had capsized their boat and it was at the bottom of the sea with other forgotten dreams, but no!

The current management decided to do what is honorable by reversing the 100 for 1 forward split. They’ve got your back by using the DEX (Decentralized Exchange Market.) Here is the best link to use to check current prices (valued in XCP) so a little math is required.

Using your XCP (counterparty) wallet you might want to purchase while the price is low. How you ask: Sure there are individuals who have free trading STBV Shares for sale at a reasonable price point! Mr. Harris states: “The greatest news is that no short selling is allowed on the DEX.” Shareholders, traders, and investors can garner information on acquiring a Counterparty cryptocurrency wallet to trade on the DEX from the following sources:

Our vision and mission are closely aligned to acquire real properties and assets through the use of cryptocurrency. Our mission is to engage the international marketplace and business transaction in the United States of America using blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency, TROPTIONS (The King of Coin).

Strategic Global Investments, Inc., a Delaware Corporation
A CryptoCurrency Company
Garland E. Harris, CEO
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