Strategic Global Investments, Inc. was placed on the gray sheets by the SEC.  The Corporate attorney has been in communication with them and clarified any questions they had.  The company is encouraged with the progress as it was in somewhat of a holding pattern.

Strategic Global Investments, Incorporated is a Delaware Corporation that engages in the real estate development business in the United States and internationally. It acquires, develops, builds, markets, and sells small luxury resort homes on a fractional ownership basis, vacant land, hotels, and various income properties.  The company was formerly known as American Consolidated Laboratories, Inc. and changed its name to Strategic Global Investments, Inc. in May 2010 when Garland E. Harris became its president and CEO. It is headquartered in Branson, Missouri. Strategic Global Investments, Incorporated (OTCMKTS:STBV) is traded on the open market as a penny stock that just executed that most time-honored maneuver for OTC companies and began its new direction in the Multi-Billion Dollar CryptoCurrency Market, starting with the counterparty asset TROPTIONS.


Strategic Global Investments, Incorporated will be involved in the core real estate business and aspires to become one of the leading property acquiring company in the  Branson, Missouri area as well as the Palm Beach County area, has decided to explore every available means of generating cash flow from income property. We intend to acquire properties using cryptocurrency,  Troptions. Our business offerings are listed below:

  • Developing Properties for our corporation
  • Leasing of Properties
  • Renting of Properties
  • Selling of Fully Furnished Properties
  • Selling or acquiring  Land
  • Leasing of Bare Land
  • Manage Properties and Facility
  • Real Estate Consultancy and Advisory Services

The TROPTIONS asset can be found on the Counterparty which is a financial platform for creating peer-to-peer financial applications on the bitcoin blockchain. The protocol specification and all Counterparty software is open source. … It is slightly deflationary, with approximately 2.6 million XCP having been created by burning Bitcoins in January 2014.

Mr. Harris states ” If you want to trade for TROPTIONS, give your  friends and family XCP”