Strategic Global Investments is a publicly traded Company on the Blockchain, and has interest in the CryptoCurrency world, with offices in Australia, Africa, and the United States. The symbol (STVB)  Strategic Global Investments has holdings in Real Estate, Block Chain Technology, Television License, Gold Reserves, Mineral Rights, Jewelry, Insurance Companies, Publicly Trade Companies, Crypto Currency Companies. 

The public company was suspended from trading on the OTC exchange.  We’ve respectfully sent the answers to the questions they sent STBV,  the company. So now we wait and there are other options until we receive a response from the SEC.

When you were a child you traded; maybe your peanut and jelly sandwich for a special cat eye marble. Now that was peer to peer and that transaction was facilitated because both parties agreed and received what they wanted. Times have not changed from the stone age when they traded skins for a wheel.  Considering that your purchasing power is determined by how well you share the value of the item you hold.  No third party necessary.   The STBV acquisitions can allow those with the required net worth to participate.

The Blockchain adds a novel twist with accurate record keeping abilities,  your STBV shares,  and your device become a mobile exchange on the DEX.  One barcode swipe and your purchasing power are in motion.   By all means, contact our office for more information if you have STBV or if you want to purchase more, select:

Strategic Global Investments, Inc., a Delaware Corporation
A CryptoCurrency Company
Bryan Stone, President
STBVnet (@) gmail dot com