The old mission is over as you know and the new mission is in. The Board met and decided!

Have you heard that XCP is one of the only coins that can buy stock on the bitcoin blockchain. Yes, FREE trading stock @StbVnet The month of November will be better than ever for those who want in on this growth asset.
Among other features, Counterparty adds the ability to create, send, trade, and pay distributions on assets, in a fully decentralized and trustless manner. While Counterparty has its own internal currency (XCP), trading and creating assets does not require anything apart from regular Bitcoin transaction fees.
Many of the features described below can be accessed using the Web-based Counterwallet. Especially casual users and those without a counterparty-cli setup can benefit from the convenience of Counterwallet.
Counterparty supports peer-to-peer asset exchange: users can trade assets with no middleman and no counterparty risk. The platform upon which trading is done is Counterparty’s decentralized exchange [DEX] and the Bitcoin blockchain.
Let’s get it started!